Lots of sunshine kicks off the workweek, but warmer temperatures and rain are on the way

Temperatures will be above average every day this week. Rain chances are up as well

ROANOKE, Va. – If you are planning on being outside on Monday, you will want the big coat early on. Thanks to plenty of sun and a shift in our winds, our temperatures get into the 40s Monday afternoon!

Lots of sunshine to start the workweek

Each zone will feature near-average temperatures Monday, which is certainly appreciated after the weekend’s brutal cold.

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Today's high temperatures

If you like warmer weather, I have great news for you. Our temperatures over the next seven days are going to be warmer than average. The warmest temperatures come later in the week, with most spots seeing close to 60 degrees.

Warmer than normal this week

This week is bringing in warmer air from the south. This is also bringing in moisture from the Gulf of Mexico and will develop into rain showers in the middle of the week. We could start to see some showers as early as Tuesday evening/night.

What we are looking at in the middle of the week

While we will be dealing with warmer temperatures this week, it does not mean that winter is over by any means. In fact, we are only about halfway done with winter, and on average, nearly 32% of our annual snowfall comes in February.

Also, some computer models are picking up on a possible Arctic blast to close out the month. This is still quite some time away, so things are likely to change, but for those of us who love winter and the cold, there is hope!

Will cold air make a return?

Here is a look at your extended forecast—lots of warmth, cloud cover and rain showers this week.

A look at the next 7 days

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