A warm and sunny weekend is ahead!

Lots of sunshine and above average temperatures for the region

Sunny with warm temperatures

ROANOKE, Va. – This morning is starting off chilly and frosty. However, by the afternoon, our temperatures will gravitate into the 50s with mostly sunny skies.

A great day for the outdoors

Most spots see at least the fifty degree mark this afternoon with a few spots reaching the mid-upper fifties.

Warm and sunny today

Tomorrow will bring lots of rain to the southeast. We will miss out on the action this time around as all of the rain stays to our south.

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Rain for the southeast this weekend

The reason we are missing out on all the rain is because of high pressure. A really strong area of high pressure is located just to our north. This is going to influence our weather pattern for the next several days and will bring warm temperatures and mostly clear skies.

High pressure sticks around for a while

Your extended forecast shows lots of sunshine over the next 7 days. Above average warmth for all of next week with some days reaching the sixties.

A look at the next 7 days

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