You guessed it! Another clear and sunny day!

Warmer temperatures continue to build in as rain chances look to return for the weekend.

Lots of sunshine for today

ROANOKE, Va. – Clear skies and sunshine are the theme of the day.

High temperatures are back in the 50s

Afternoon temperatures return to the 50s. We have been on a lengthy stretch of days where we reach fifty degrees, and today is no different.

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Keeping warmer than average for the next several days

This trend won’t come to an end until next week. Daytime temperature will be way above average through the weekend with temperatures maxing out in the sixties! Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will bring the warmest temperatures during this stretch of anomalous warmth.

All good to go through Thursday

It will once again be a fantastic day for the outdoors. Whether you are an avid hiker, or want to take lunch outside today, it will be near perfect outside! Conditions are similar through Thursday, but partly cloudy skies build in. By Friday, we are watching isolated showers.

An area of low pressure moves in to our north

An area of low pressure builds in to our north on Friday and sticks around through the weekend. This area meanders in the region and brings increased rain chances each day.

Rain looks to return for the weekend

While Friday brings some hit or miss showers, it is the weekend that brings the best shot of seeing scattered showers. Both Saturday and Sunday will bring opportunities to see showers across the mid-Atlantic.

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Parker was born and raised in central Florida. He first became interested in the weather at a young age when Hurricane Charlie passed directly over his house on August 13th, 2004. Since that day, he knew he wanted to be a Meteorologist.

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