Gray, soggy days with plenty of warmth

Almost twenty degrees above average this weekend

Showers start on Friday and continue through Tuesday

ROANOKE, Va. – Thursday is our last dry day for quite some time. Temperatures rise nicely thanks to warm air coming in and some early sunshine. Highs reach the 50s, and we stay in the 50s until after sunset. Lows are warmer Thursday night than they were earlier in the week.

Evening clouds help us hold on to heat

Our cold front drives showers late on Friday as it brings moisture north from the Gulf of Mexico. Showers are light on their first night, but this front sticks around for a while.

Showers are light and isolated on Friday

By Saturday we have more consistent rain. Our rainfall is lighter than the southern end of the cold front which helps keep our flood risk low.

By noon on Saturday showers are more widespread

Our rain totals mostly stay between one and two inches. Much more rain falls in Alabama and Georgia meaning they have the greatest flooding concerns. Much needed rain further west in the south will help cure some drought conditions.

Rain totals are highest in Alabama and Georgia

Temperatures rise nicely before the cold front pushes through early next week. The extra warmth from the south puts highs for most in the 60s through the weekend. Some spots even get close to 70.

Both days this weekend have highs in the 60s

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