Showers starting on Friday

Rain chances last into next week

Shower chances are limited on Friday

ROANOKE, Va. – Friday morning began with showers and plenty of clouds. The clouds stick around into the rest of the day, but showers can be harder to find.

Showers were light through Friday morning

We get a dry stretch through the middle of the day with lots of clouds. Most rain at this point of the day is to our north or southwest.

Most of us are dry in the middle of Friday

Shower chances come back in the evening, but even those are isolated. More consistent rain arrives early on Saturday.

Another round of showers arrives in the evening

Rain continues through the weekend into Tuesday morning with most of us getting between one and two inches of total rainfall. Some spots in Southside could get even more.

Rain totals mostly stay between one and two inches

The heaviest rain stays to our south. Parts of Georgia and South Carolina could see six inches of rain from this system.

Rain is particularly heavy in Georgia and South Carolina

Our flooding risk is low since we had plenty of dry weather through the first part of the month. Flood chances are highest further west with states from Texas to Tennessee at risk.

Flood chances stay mostly to our west

Temperatures hold rather steady thanks to the clouds that arrived on Thursday. Those clouds last until Monday when cooler air starts working in.

Temperatures stay steady through the evening

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