Super Bowl Sunday starts off with rain showers

Rain eventually pushes off toward the east and leaves cloudy skies with a mild and muggy feel.

Conditions in Southwest Virginia throughout the game

ROANOKE, Va. – Kick-off conditions across Southwest Virginia bring cloudy skies with a low chance of a light rain shower.

This afternoon

This morning is bringing widespread rain. By 10:00 a.m. or so, a lot of the rain pushes off to the east. However, there will be opportunities to see a few stray showers throughout the afternoon and into the evening.

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Firing up the grill tonight?

If you are planning on firing up the grill this evening for the big game, go for it! Conditions will be mostly cloudy and the air will remain mild and muggy.

Rain continues into tomorrow

We are also keeping an eye on the storm track. Tomorrow will bring more rain... periods of light rain to start, then once the sun sets, we will see a line of storms push through that will likely have some lightning, thunder, and heavy rain associated with it.

Tomorrow's Threat

While tomorrow’s severe threat is mainly to our south, we could see a couple of thunderstorms enter Southwest Virginia tomorrow night.

How much rain you could see in your zone

Rainfall has been on and off this weekend and will continue to be through Monday. Here is a look at how much rain is still to come.

Windy on Tuesday

After Monday night’s front pushes through, our skies gradually begin to clear as cooler and dryer air enters the region. Because of the big differences in air masses, we will see windy conditions for most of our Tuesday. Winds peak around 30-40mph.

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