A streak of warm and sunny days to start the week

High pressure is providing clear skies and above-average warmth

ROANOKE, Va. – Presidents’ Day brings lots of sunshine! Clear skies will allow temperatures to warm up quite a bit Monday afternoon.

Loads of sunshine!

The air is really dry on Monday. Dew point temperatures are low in value and are dragging the relative humidity down. Here are some tips for dealing with this wave of dry air.

Really dry out there today

Each zone starts off really cold Monday morning but warms up close to or above 50° by the afternoon.

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A look at today's warm up

If you’ve got the day off, there are two races taking place down in Florida. Conditions are improving down there Monday morning, and the green flags will be waving for the day’s double header!

Race Day Forecast

High pressure is taking over much of the Southeast and mid-Atlantic. This will bring lots of sunshine and clear skies as well as above-average temperatures through Wednesday.

High pressure dominates

Thursday brings the next chance of seeing rain showers as a system tracks closer and closer from the west.

Rain chances are up late in the week

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