Isolated showers today with really warm temperatures

Monday kicks off the theme of a rain filled week

ROANOKE, Va. – On Monday afternoon, we warm up into the 60s across Southwest Virginia. There is also the opportunity to see a few isolated showers.

Isolated showers this afternoon

Shortly after lunch hour, we will see a few showers pop up in the NRV and then track east throughout the afternoon. These rain showers will be light and quick-hitting in nature.

A southerly flow brings in warm and moist air

Tuesday brings mostly cloudy skies, warm temperatures and widespread showers. You will want to keep the rain gear handy through the early evening.

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The middle of the week brings a big time front

Wednesday also brings rain. This time it’s in the form of a strong cold front. Large differences in temperatures ahead and behind the front will fuel a few storms as this system pushes across the mid-Atlantic. After, temperatures cool off significantly.

Storms develop in the middle of the country

The jet stream is what is fueling this cold front. Rising air across the upper mid-west will bring that region a round of severe weather on Tuesday. As mentioned before, we only see some scattered showers on Tuesday.

Turning gusty on Wednesday

Winds will also be breezy on Monday, but turn a bit gusty at times on Tuesday. In some of the storms that develop on Wednesday, we could see some really gusty winds, but after the front pushes through, we will all see windy conditions.

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