Easter weekend starts with warm temperatures and windy conditions

Isolated showers build in late tonight and carry over into Sunday.

Warm and windy with isolated showers

ROANOKE, Va. – Temperatures get into the 70s this weekend! If you are a fan of warmer weather, you will certainly enjoy this weekend!

Weather headlines over the next couple of days

Windy conditions build in for Saturday with isolated showers on Easter. Then, next week brings showers and storms. Lets break it all down.

Reaching the 60s later this morning

By the late morning hours, temperatures are right around the 60 degree mark with afternoon highs getting into the 70s.

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High temperatures today

Here is a look at how warm each zone gets today. A southwesterly wind is bringing warmer air into the region.

Winds are gusty again today

Winds turn breezy later this morning with gusty conditions returning by the mid-afternoon. Peak gusts are anywhere between 20-30mph.

Isolated showers this weekend

Rain chances are far and few between for Saturday, but increase later this evening. Easter Sunday brings isolated showers across Southwest Virginia.

Rain Showers tomorrow morning

By 11:00 AM tomorrow morning, showers are popping up across the NRV and the Highlands. Then later in the afternoon, these showers will track east and tag the Roanoke Valley, Lynchburg, and Southside. Sunday will not be a complete washout.

Tracking scattered showers and storms Tuesday

We are keeping an eye on this upcoming Tuesday. The sub-tropical jet stream and a front are looking to fuse. If they do, which is looking very likely, we will see scattered showers with the threat of severe weather Tuesday afternoon.

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