What’s next? Cold front to bring colder air, strong wind gusts, mountain snow through at least Friday

A cold front sends us right back to winter before temperatures rise again next week

Colder air pours into the Eastern U.S. to end the week.

ROANOKE, Va. – The same front that’s produced severe thunderstorms in parts of the country will be responsible for a sharp cool-down in our area later this week.

Limited moisture on the back side of the frontal system will result in snow piling up on our western slopes. Winter Storm Watches are up for the western halves of Greenbrier and Pocahontas Counties Wednesday evening through Friday evening.

Snow will accumulate along the western slopes of WV and Highland County.

Some more favored locations in the New River Valley (Whitetop, Mountain Lake, Burkes Garden, etc.) could pick up some snow too.

Western-facing areas of the NRV will also see snow.

Outside of the western slopes, scattered snow showers will be around Thursday in parts of the New River Valley, Highlands and higher elevations of the Roanoke Valley (Bent Mountain/Catawba). Accumulation will be hard to come by. If it does happen, it would be light and brief before melting.

Scattered, non-accumulating squalls will occur Thursday.

As surface temperatures rise, snowflakes would melt on their descent to the ground. This could result in what’s called graupel (soft hail, hominy snow, Dippin’ Dots snow, etc).

Graupel may fall once snow falls into "warmer" air at the surface Thursday.

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Within these bursts of wintry whatever, there will be some gusty wind. Expect gusts ranging between 20 and 40 mph Thursday through Saturday, as our storm system lingers off the Gulf of Maine.

Gusts peak between 20 and 40 mph Thursday through Saturday.

Morning lows will drop into the 30s, leading to frost or freezing temperatures if the wind calms enough each morning this weekend.

Morning lows will be in the low to mid 30s Friday through Sunday.

We’ll be cool for the race weekend at Martinsville, but things turn more pleasant by Sunday afternoon for the Cup Series race.

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Meteorologist Chris Michaels is an American Meteorological Society (AMS) Certified Broadcaster, forecasting weather conditions in southwest Virginia on WSLS 10 News from 5 a.m. to 7 a.m. weekdays on Virginia Today.