Gusty winds behind our storm front

Our highest wind gusts reach 50 mph

ROANOKE, Va. – Now that our front has passed winds are the biggest feature of the day. Gusts reach 40 mph for many of us with some even climbing to 50 mph.

Saturday's winds are close to what we have on Friday

By noon, most of us are near peak wind speed. These winds hold steady through the afternoon, generally coming from the west.

Gusts stay high from midday into the evening

Even through 5 p.m., we have strong winds. Speeds drop slightly through the night, but we are far from calm.

We stay gusty into the evening

By Saturday morning, wind gusts still reach 30 mph for some. That combines with lows in the 40s for wind chills to the 30s or even 20s.

High winds on Saturday morning mean wind chill for most

Saturday afternoon’s winds are barely any calmer than Friday’s. Once the sun sets on Saturday, wind speeds drop more noticeably.

Winds finally drop late on Saturday

Temperatures are cooler on Friday than they were earlier in the week due to cold air that the wind drags in. Highs have a hard time getting above 60.

High winds bring in cool air through Friday

In a big change from Friday, any showers we have are rather light. Many of us stay dry into the afternoon, and spots that do get rain have much less than Thursday.

Even at their widest spread we have only light showers

Temperatures rise on Saturday as our pattern changes. High pressure moves in to help us stay clear and bring warmer air in.

Highs rise gradually at the end of the week

Sunday’s highs climb even further with most of us in the 70s. Only a few leftover sprinkles come on Sunday.

Warmer air heads our way early next week

Temperatures climb even further as the high keeps pumping warm air in. Many of us reach the 80s as the week goes on.

Temperatures rebound very well next week

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