Warm this week with lots of shower chances

Rain is light but consistent

Temperatures stay warmer than Friday's highs for many of us

ROANOKE, Va. – The heat from our south keeps coming our way through the middle of the month. Highs are close to 80 well into the end of the week.

Most days have at least some showers this week

That keeps lows close to 60 which is a big change from having highs near 60 degrees last week.

Lows tonight are similar to highs from just a few days ago

Shower chances are sporadic this week. Monday stays mostly dry particularly through the first two-thirds of the day.

We stay dry and rather sunny through most of Monday

In the evening a small system slides south. Showers could even produce some rumbles of thunder, but the severe risk is low.

Showers could produce some thunder late on Monday

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