Clear skies and sunshine will provide warmth this afternoon

A chilly start to the day will quickly turn warm by lunch hour

ROANOKE, Va. – Have you ever wondered how it gets cold so quickly? Radiational cooling is how! Last night brought clear skies, calm winds, and dry air. This allowed heat that was absorbed during the day to leave the surface and escape to space during the night.

Why we are chilly this morning

While Tuesday started off chilly, temperatures will warm up quickly thanks to clear skies and abundant sunshine. Afternoon highs are near 70 degrees in most spots later on.

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High temperatures across the region

A cold front will approach and cross the region tonight. Rain chances are isolated and start early Wednesday morning. Much of the rain pushes through before sunrise, but isolated showers will continue until late in the morning.

Rain moves in early tomorrow

After the rain pushes through, we are dry for the rest of the workweek. Following this cold front, the jet stream will begin to lift to the north and allow warmer air to build in from the south. The overall trend is warmer and warmer as we head toward the end of April.

Big changes on the way

Here is a look at your extended forecast. Isolated rain chances as we head into the weekend with increasing temperatures.

A look at the next 7 days

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