Isolated showers early on, then turning breezy Wednesday afternoon

After the rain showers push through, our skies clear up and our winds increase

ROANOKE, Va. – Near-average temperatures build in Wednesday afternoon, but first, we have to deal with isolated rain showers.

A look at 11:00 AM this morning

By 11 a.m., most of the rain has pushed off toward the east. Skies will turn mostly sunny to partly cloudy, and the wind will kick in.

A look at 4:00 PM this afternoon

Here is a look at 4 p.m. Wednesday. Notice that there is still a chance of a stray shower, but most spots are dry.

Gusty winds throughout the day

Breezy winds start in the morning, with gusts coming and going during the day.

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High pollen for the next couple of days

Pollen levels are not letting off just yet. A high pollen count will remain in place for the next several days.

Becoming more humid by next week

The past couple of days have been relatively dry, but conditions will change. As we head into the weekend, our wind pattern will shift and become more southerly (winds out of the south). This will provide warmer temperatures and an increase in humidity.

Our influence as we close out the month of April

High-pressure building in late in the weekend is driving the southerly flow. Afternoon temperatures will turn really warm and get into the 80s. There is also a shot at seeing a couple of storms, but most of the rain will be pushed north.

Warm across much of the country next week

We won’t be the only spot dealing with warmer-than-average temperatures. Most of the country sees anomalous warmth next week.

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Parker was born and raised in central Florida. He first became interested in the weather at a young age when Hurricane Charlie passed directly over his house on August 13th, 2004. Since that day, he knew he wanted to be a Meteorologist.

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