Few storms Friday; summer heat lasts through at least Memorial Day Weekend

If you haven't cranked the A/C yet, you likely will soon.

By Chris Michaels - Meteorologist

ROANOKE, Va. - If there's anything you can count on lately, it's at least the chance for rain and storms in the forecast on a Friday. (It's rained on 16 of 19 Fridays in Roanoke this year so far.)

Fast-forward to this Friday, and it's the same ol' song and dance. 

We'll be tracking a cluster of showers and thunderstorms near the Great Lakes tonight. As it dives into the Ohio River Valley and West Virginia, it should lose some of its steam. It will, after all, be moving into a more 'stable' atmosphere.

Nonetheless, a few showers and embedded downpours may very well make it over the mountains Friday morning. This could play a role in the commencement at Virginia Tech.

A boundary left over could very well trigger some hit-or-miss showers and storms in the afternoon and at night. Indications suggest that boundary will be north of Highway 460.

While it won't rain all day, anything that does develop may drop some heavy rain and gusty wind. Beyond Friday, the pattern leads us straight into summer.

Highs this weekend top out in the 85-91° range, as high pressure camps out over the eastern U.S.

A little disturbance gives us the chance for showers Monday. Beyond that, though, it appears as though high pressure will prove dominant in our weather through at least Memorial Day weekend. 

This will send temperatures soaring above average and keep widespread rain showers at bay.

Get those pools ready, because summer is coming!

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