Amazon announces renewable energy project in Virginia

Solar farm in Pittsylvania County will produce clean energy starting in 2020


Amazon announced a new renewable energy project in Virginia Thursday.

The company is creating its seventh solar farm in the state in Pittsylvania County.

“Amazon’s new solar farm in Virginia will create jobs and economic development in rural Virginia and will continue to build upon our role as a leading state for renewable energy in the U.S.," said Gov. Ralph Northam.

The project will produce clean energy starting in 2020 for the Amazon Web Services data centers in support of the company's long-term goal to power 100% of its global operations with renewable energy.

Amazon now has 66 renewable energy projects globally, including 51 solar rooftops.

Amazon says its solar projects in the U.S. have offset the carbon dioxide equivalent of more than 200 million miles of truck deliveries.

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