Tasty Tuesday: Gardner’s Frozen Treats back open for the season

From all the classics to unique options like gelati

CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. – Driving through Christiansburg on a warm day, there’s one spot that almost always has a line. That line at Gardner’s Frozen Treats is starting to reappear now that things have gotten warmer.

Owner, Angie Hernandez, says, “I just feel very happy to be back.”

Part of that happiness, she says, comes from the fact that “I feel like we are that cherry on top of their little memories.”

Memories that include your traditional ice cream cones and banana splits. Their split is layered with vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream with pineapples, whipped cream and wet walnuts on top.

Customers also get a say in what’s served, which Hernandez says adds to “Our uniqueness, our happy service and just the fact that we have so many choices. And they can customize our banana splits, our gelatis.”

Their gelatis are a unique take on gelato, layered with ice cream and Italian ice.

Layna Webb takes us for the tour on how to make these, and it includes a lot of walking.

“We’re going to start over here with the Italian ice. Just going to grab one scoop of this, set that on the bottom. And then we’re going to take another journey. We’re gonna grab a scoop of our vanilla ice cream.”

Finished off with Easter sprinkles, this customized gelati turned into a nice spring treat. For the patriotic folks in all of us, they have what’s called the 4th of Gelati (available any time of year).

Webb says this includes, “Blue raspberry, vanilla ice cream, cherry and then more vanilla ice cream.”

I tried this one, and our photographer, Chase, dug into the banana split. Both of us walked away full and happy!

While spring hours are limited to Thursday-Sunday from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m., Hernandez urges you to “Just stop on by. We’ll have your favorite treat here.”

Hours will expand soon to their summer hours. There’s also a grill out back serving up authentic Latin food that we’ll feature on Tasty Tuesday in the coming weeks.

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