Light in the wallet for Giving Tuesday? No problem. Here are 5 ideas for non-monetary items to donate.

Money isn’t the only way to impact organizations and other people

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With Giving Tuesday now here, people might want to donate money to a good cause, but simply might not have much of it lying around.

It’s understandable, with holiday gifts needing to be purchased and end-of-the-year bills coming due.

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However, you can still make an impact on Giving Tuesday.

Here are five other ways you can donate that doesn’t involve money.

1. Your time

For many charitable organizations, this is just as important as money. They simply need bodies to help serve meals, distribute goods, mentor kids, or do something else.

Even it’s only for an hour or so out of the day, this can have an immeasurable impact.

2. Cars/trucks

This can be a permanent or temporary donation. If you have an old car that you’re not using, but it’s still functioning, charitable organizations would love to have it so someone who doesn’t have access to a car can take it.

For the short-term, donating the use of a car or truck to haul items that someone might not be able to is a great way to give back.

3. Toys

For parents out there, simply pick some out and donate them to an organization, which can, in turn, make another child’s day brighter.

4. Furniture

As is the case with toys, there often is older furniture lying around in various rooms or spaces around the house that isn’t being used. Families who can’t afford furniture can certainly benefit from having an extra bed set, couch, chair, tables, or whatever else you might have to offer.

5. Blood

This might be the most important need of all at the moment, to help save lives as the pandemic continues to rage on. The American Red Cross has a critical shortage of blood, especially with so many battle COVID and other ailments. Finding a blood drive nearby shouldn’t be too hard this time of year, and you get to wear a cool sticker afterward!

Are there any other ideas for good non-monetary items to donate on Giving Tuesday that we missed? Let us know in the comments below.

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