Blue Ridge Bites: S’mores Buffet with Bite Me Confections

Bite Me Confections owner Sebrina Ruth-Cooper shows how to make a delicious s’mores buffet

Everyone loves s’mores! But Sebrina Ruth-Cooper is taking s’mores up a notch! Ruth-Cooper specializes in delicious homemade marshmallow treats at her business Bite Me Confections.

Sebrina created a small batch of made-from-scratch gourmet marshmallows treated to a variety of sinful additions and flavors and dipped in Ghirardelli white or dark chocolate. She showed us how to make the perfect campfire treat with a little something extra.

Put each ingredient in its own container, creating a delicious topping assembly line station.

After toasting the perfect marshmallow, place it on the graham cracker and let your sweet tooth pick your favorite flavors to add as toppings.

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