Tasty Tuesday: Bread Craft’s European style, years of experience keep business booming in downtown Roanoke

It started with just bread but has blossomed into a bakery and coffee/sandwich shop

ROANOKE, Va. – Whether it’s at home or a local bakery, there is something special about a fresh loaf of bread. Bread Craft in downtown Roanoke has been making it fresh for nearly two decades now.

It was 25 years ago that owner, Alex Eliades, found his calling - baking.

He says he, “Instantly fell in-love with the construction process of bread.”

It’s a process he’s perfected since he opened Bread Craft in 2006.

“All of the breads and pastries we make scratch-made in house and traditional European-style practices. In the beginning we only made bread and we only made wholesale.”

He’s proof that slow and steady wins the race.

“Eventually, we started making croissants, pastry-type items.”

Making croissants is a science, and it goes far beyond simple ingredients and traditional fermenting and proofing.

“The process of folding the butter into the dough, so you have a flaky product. It has layers.”

“Campagna which has few ingredients in it – pretty simple – flour, water, sea salt.”

Now, Bread Craft has graduated to doing more than just the bread.

“Then, we started making cappuccinos and coffees and building up to sandwiches and salads over time.”

All this happens while continuing to keep the cases and baskets filled with a variety of bread and pastries that just have that fresh look, smell and taste - something that Eliades says is very rewarding.

“Seeing a product that’s tangible. You can taste it, smell it and see it. When it’s all right, it’s very gratifying.”

So much so that when we asked about the future of Bread Craft, he had this to say.

“To do this until I’m 90 if I can keep going that long.”

We’d be okay with that! When I went there recently, I had a Candied Apple Bacon French Toast that was out of this world!

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