How to become an outdoor runner -- even if you’ve never been that person

I’m not that person either, TBH

A runner
A runner (Tirachard Kumtanom/Pexels photo)

Even if running outside hasn’t been your workout of choice in the past, maybe you’ve at least considered it recently.

Sure, throwing on a YouTube workout every now and again can be fun, but let’s be honest -- we’ve all spent way more time at home than we’d probably prefer, and it feels SO good to leave the house and truly stretch those legs.

And that leads us to the pavement. Ready to hit it?

Editor’s note: I’m no professional, but I ran a lot of track and a little cross-country in high school, then kept up with the activity for years, despite the fact that I’m not a naturally gifted distance runner. Either way, I thought I’d share some personal tips and advice I’ve received along the way!

1.) If you’re just starting out, try a slower pace than whatever you were envisioning.

Maybe you’re running with a spouse or a double-stroller, maybe you’re solo. Either way, you should aim to run at a pace that’s so relaxed, you could have a conversation with someone next to you.

Yes, at first, this might mean you’re going dirt slow. That’s OK! You have to start somewhere.

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