3 ways to lessen risk of hearing loss during gym workouts

Expert offers advice to help combat noise in a gym

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With summer vacations over or just about ending, people are back into regular routines of life, so gyms are more packed with exercise enthusiasts.

But more people in a gym means more noise, which can lead to some risk of hearing loss while working out.

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Claire Collord Johnson, an audiologist, offers three tips to help lessen such risk of hearing loss at the gym.

1. Lower the volume, limit use of earbuds.

Collord Johnson said there’s a 60/60 rule when it comes to earbuds.

“(It) means limiting earbuds to 60 minutes at a time and 60% of the player’s maximum volume,” she said.

Collord Johnson also suggested wearing noise-cancelling earbuds or headphones when working out to help better deal with background noise at a gym, which can lead to the volume being turned up when listening to music to cancel out such background noise.

2. Protect hearing during classes.

Collard Johnson said fitness classes such as spinning or cross-training can result in music exceeding 95 decibels, which can contribute to hearing loss.

“When selecting your spot for class, look for locations as far away as possible from the speakers,” she said.

Collard Johnson also suggested using earplugs during fitness classes.

3. Eat properly after a workout.

Taking proper precautions to reduce the risk of hearing loss is just as important after a workout than it is during, according to Collard Johnson.

“Foods rich in potassium, zinc and magnesium — bananas, spinach and yogurt, for instance — can provide important nutrients to help maintain hearing health and contribute to overall well-being,” she said.

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