Cast of TV show 'The Waltons' reunite in Lynchburg to meet their fans

Cast of TV show 'The Waltons' reunite in Lynchburg to meet their fans (Image 1) (Copyright by WSLS - All rights reserved)

LYNCHBURG (WSLS 10) - Nearly 40 years after the show saw its hay day, fans are coming together for the first convention with cast members of The Waltons in Lynchburg.

The weekend is filled with events, from meet-and-greets with the cast members to a dinner at a farm.

About 400 people were at the Kirkley Hotel to enjoy all the events from families to couples and even some people who fell in love with the show recently.

Cast members said they were actually surprised to see such a big crowd of people to meet with them. Someone even came all the way from England for the event. 

One woman at the event said she connected with the series growing up since her father grew up in the same era as the Waltons.

Anne Carol Winter, who drove from Brooklyn explained, "It made me wanna be a writer and reminded me of my fathers childhood he was a depression kid and stories I've heard of his life. It just spoke to me."

And cast members seemed to know how their fans felt. 

Kami Colter played Elizabeth on the show. She said, "People feel like they're like your family and treat you accordingly with lots of hugs. It's a great sense of familiarity. It never feels weird it's always very friendly."

And David Harper, known to fans as Jim Bob said, "It's a little humbling it's almost surreal that the show is still alive and that so many people watch it. That's a good thing." 

Some of the cast members said they are all still very close even though they've moved away. They were most excited to reunite for the weekend and meet their fans.

"We don't live this way all the time so it's great and when people say come on out and meet us it gives us a great opportunity to see everyone," says Eric Scott who played Ben.