VWCC announces partnership with Star Flight Training

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ROANOKE (WSLS10) - Virginia Western Community College is offering a pilot training class.

The college announced a partnership Thursday with Star Flight Training in Roanoke.

Students will be able to work toward their pilot's license this summer.

The college will offer in-class training and the flight school will provide 40 hours of fly time.

"With highly experience corporate pilots, working with brand new pilots, and with control tour tours working with the actual controllers… it's not just your typical flight school experience," said Jon Beard, the general manager at Star Flight Training, "we're trying to set up a much broader level of education."

"This technology is most exciting to me, you know, like how this thing works in the sky and like how they fly," said Kapio Sapkota, a sophomore at VWCC.

A handful of students have enrolled in the 12-week course.

Tuition is $379.