Man pleads no contest in deadly drunk driving accident

BEDFORD COUNTY (WSLS 10) - A man charged in a drunk driving accident that killed an 18-year-old passenger and badly injured a teenage girl, plead no contest to involuntary manslaughter, DUI maiming and DUI.

The mother of the teen hurt during the deadly crash said physical therapy has helped her daughter's health improve, but the emotional wounds remain. She asked that her family not be identified.

"We are just trying to move on and get her through this," she said.

Each court case brings up painful memories of the night that lead to the death of Ivy Adkins and sent Christian Riddle to jail. Prosecutors say Riddle was traveling north on Route 1240 around 3:25 a.m. on October 17, 2015 when he ran a stop sign and hit an embankment. Adkins and her 14-year-old cousin were in the car. Adkins died from her injuries four and half months after the crash.

On Tuesday, Riddle plead no contest to a misdemeanor charge of DUI and two felonies including involuntary manslaughter. Riddle's lawyer and family declined to speak with the media following Tuesday's court hearing. During Christian's court appearance, his mother shed tears for her son who now faces up to 16 years. Assistant Commonwealth Attorney Wes Nance said the case has been a challenge in many ways.

"One of the most impactful parts of this crime is the emotional impact it's had on everyone," said Nance. "Dealing with the families, dealing with the surviving victim.

Nance said he believes Riddle's no contest plea shows a sign of remorse and acceptance for the lasting impact his actions have on the victims and their families.

Riddle will be sentenced on September 6 at 1:30 p.m. in Bedford County Circuit Court.