Botetourt Co. firefighters giving kids safety tips

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BOTETOURT COUNTY (WSLS10) - Botetourt County firefighters are suiting up to teach kids about what they should do in the event of a fire as a part of Fire Safety Week.

About four dozen kids at Orchard Hills Church were able to learn and try on some of the protective gear that firefighters wear.

The county's fire prevention specialist told us it's a way to get kids comfortable with firefighters so, they aren't scared in case one has to come in their home.

"We want to focus on letting them know that we are their friends and that's why we put on the gear so, they can see what we look like," said Adam Smith, the Botetourt County's fire prevention specialist. "I think that's very important in case this would occur because this can be startling."

Firefighters also gave safety tips. Advising kids to crawl to prevent smoke inhalation, use the backs of their hands to feel if a surface is warm and to have an escape plan just in case.