Read It and Weep: 5 websites for book lovers

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Deniz Kofteci, Media General – NASHVILLE, TENN. (MEDIA GENERAL)---Whether you're a hardcore bookworm, a casual reader or that person who always says they 'wish they read more,' finding the right book can be a challenge.

It may be the 'digital age,' but that doesn't mean you have to throw out all your paperbacks with the bathwater!

It's time to stop wasting time scrolling hopelessly through Amazon (Seriously, "50 Shades of Grey" is still on the top-sellers list?) and deleting photos (aka memories) off your phone to make room for more e-books and check out one these sites.

1. What Should I Read Next? 

Ah, every book lover's most annoying dilemma. Without fail, every time I finish a book I really enjoyed, I end up wasting countless hours searching for something similar to read next. If you're like me, What Should I Read Next is your dream-come-true! Just type in a book you read and loved, and poof! A list of perfectly curated titles made just for you. (Similar and equally awesome is Your Next Read.)

2. Which Book? 

Which Book? is another great site when you're trying to figure out what to read next. Simply pick some keywords and adjectives from the short quiz they provide on their homepage, and they'll create a list of books based on your choices.

3. Library Thing 

Live in a tiny apartment or just have too many books already cluttering your shelves? Library Thing is a no-frills virtual library perfect for people who value organization and want to be able to see all the books they've read in one place, without having them clutter up their home.

4. Paper Back Swap

Want to unload some old classics to make room for new volumes? Paper Back Swap cuts out the Amazonian middle-man of online booking swapping---just post the books you have in your personal library, if someone requests it for you, all you have to do is pay the postage. For avid readers, the small cost works out in your favor since any books you request from other users get shipped to you for free.

5. BookBub

If you're an avid reader that subscribes to daily e-newsletters like TheSkimm and Politico Playbook, you've got to try BookBub. A subscription-based newsletter delivered daily, it sends you deals from Amazon, Apple and more. They always include links to tons of free book offers, too.

Now you're all set to go forth and read like you're a french girl who's father gets kidnapped by a scary, yet charming beast.


Deniz Kofteci is a multimedia content producer for Media General.

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