Group rallies to bring attention to inmate deaths at Roanoke City Jail

Six inmates have died since 2015

ROANOKE, Va. – An event in downtown Roanoke is hoping to bring attention to inmate deaths.

The Roanoke City Sheriff's Office says six inmates have died since 2015.

That's more than three times the national average, according to federal statistics.

People gathered in front of the Roanoke City Jail to hear from family members of several of those inmates who have died over the past two years.

The department responded with a short statement, "the Roanoke City Jail continues to be sensitive to the family members and friends of the individuals impacted by these events."

Some of those family members don't believe enough is being done.

"They won't give you anything. Won't even return a call. So how do you get anything? I mean, like I said, I was numb up until this, now I'm angry. I've got a right to be angry, my son's gone," said John Jones, whose son Joshua was found dead in his jail cell earlier this month.