Montgomery County residents get last chance to speak about real estate tax increase

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Va. – Montgomery County residents got one last chance to voice their concerns about or support for a proposed tax increase. 

Some residents spoke out in favor of the increase, based on what the extra money could do for the schools while others were concerned about how the increase would affect property owners. 

In March, the board approved a 1.5-cent advertised tax rate, meaning the public would have the chance to express its opinions on the matter before the board made a final decision. Montgomery County Sheriff Hank Partin asked for the money to help fund school resource officers. 

At the meeting on Monday, many spoke in favor of the increase if it would help provide safety at area schools. But some said they believe the increase is too high for the area.

"I support, my family supports, my husband supports a tax increase this year and I really appreciate you bringing it forward this year so we had this opportunity to talk about it. I believe it's important. I believe it's the right time," said a Montgomery County resident.

"89 cents on the dollar is still 12 cents higher than our friends across the river even after their tax increase. I urge the board to find other ways to pay for school security and not raise taxes on the people of Montgomery County," said another Montgomery County resident.

The board will vote on the fiscal year 2019 tax rate and budget on April 16.