Danville police release body cam video from deadly weekend officer-involved shooting

Juan Jones, 25, shot and killed as police were trying to arrest him

DANVILLE, Va. – Around 1:30 Sunday morning, Danville police confront Juan Jones, 25, in the 200 block of Sunset Drive.

"Get out of the car," one officer is heard saying as he stands next to the driver's door of the car Jones is in, pointing a flashlight into the driver's window.

They were trying to arrest him for allegedly assaulting a woman.

In the video, an unidentified woman can be seen standing outside of the car, repeatedly saying 'You did it.'

After the officer standing next to the car asks Jones to get out, Jones backs down the street into the cul-de-sac where he came from as officers arrived on scene.

Five minutes and 31 seconds later, an officer sees Jones drive off into a wooded area and runs after him.

"Oh, he's going off," the officer is heard saying.

Twenty eight seconds later, Jones gets out of the car.

"Show me your hands," one officer yells repeatedly. "Do not reach!"

When Jones doesn't comply with the officers' commands, they attempt to tase him.

"Tase him," one officer yells. The 'click' of the Taser discharging is then heard.

Jones twitches as he is hit with one of the Taser prongs.

The other prong gets caught in the brush, so the Taser was ineffective.

Four seconds later, Jones turns towards the officers and makes what appears to be a motion with his hands as if he's raising a gun.

Four shots are fired and Jones is killed.

"We got one down," one officer yells after the shots are fired.

"We're good," another officer is heard saying.

"Dispatch, shots fired! Shots fired! Send EMS," an officer says.

"We got information earlier today that we had some outside interests that were here that were trying to create a narrative of the situation that I don't believe is accurate," Danville Police Chief Scott Booth said, explaining to media why he decided to release the video from Sunday's deadly officer-involved shooting.

Deputy Chief Dean Hairston said the decision was not easy because state police are still investigating the shooting.

"We are trying to release the information without hampering their investigation," Hairston said.

The names of the officers involved in the shooting are expected to be released Wednesday.

10 News has chosen to edit the end of the video to not show, only hear, the actual shooting

On Monday evening, about 50 people rallied in front of the Danville Police Department to express their frustration in the wake of the shooting.

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