Only 2,500 hand-picked guests will be allowed inside for royal wedding

WINDSOR, England – There’s a giant wall surrounding the courtyard of Windsor Castle and St. George’s Chapel. In fact, the public isn’t allowed in on wedding day -- just nearly 2,500 hand-picked guests who work for nonprofits or charities. 

10 News Anchor Lindsey Ward caught up with a young man who has one of those “golden tickets.”

Unless you’re camped out on the corner, there’s no guarantee you’ll see the royal couple on Saturday. That is, unless you have been selected to stand inside those walls. 

Reuben Litherland is just 14 years old and is an advocate for the deaf community. On Saturday he will be inside on the lawn, hoping to meet the couple. 

Litherland said, “On Saturday, I’ll be in the castle grounds hoping to see some celebrating coming in, hoping to see Prince Harry and Megan Markle and hoping to see them. If we meet them I hope I can teach them some of the sign language. It’s going to be an exciting day!”

He says he is a huge fan of the whole royal family, but he is especially fond of this couple. 

“When I received the invitation I was so happy with a mix of feelings I actually danced around the room.”

Later on Friday, Prince Harry and Markle will leave Kinsington Palace and move into separate hotels in the small town just southwest of London. The royal couple won't see each other until the ceremony on Saturday. 

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