Sovah Health campuses activate emergency response plan ahead of Florence

Campuses have extra staff, supplies ready

MARTINSVILLE, Va. – Sovah Health’s Danville and Martinsville campuses are making sure they’re ready ahead of Hurricane Florence.

An emergency response plan has been activated at both campuses.

Extra staff members are ready to help if a large number of patients come in.

Staff members are also making sure they have plenty of supplies.

The CEO of the Martinsville campus, Michael Ehrat, said all Lifepoint-owned hospitals in Virginia and the Carolinas have activated emergency plans.

“Preparation does give you some comfort, so we do feel that we’re ready," Ehrat said. "You never quite know what’s going to happen, but we do feel that we are prepared. We’re communicating constantly with our staff and our providers, as well as local and regional officials. So I think we’re prepared as can be.”

For the latest information from each campus, visit the campuses websites, www.sovahdanville.com and www.sovahmartinsville.com.

You can also check the campuses Facebook pages. 

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