Salem Montessori School celebrates International Day of Peace

SALEM, Va. – People around the world are celebrating International Day of Peace.

More than 5,000 drawings from children from over 30 countries are on display at the Colosseum in Rome.

Meanwhile students and staff at Salem Montessori School honored the annual celebration by planting pinwheels with messages of peace on the school's campus. The kids also joined Montessori students from schools around the world in song.

"Peace really begins with us and we try to teach that to our children at a very young age -- beginning at the age of 3 -- they can start being peaceful. They can be peaceful at home, they can be peaceful with your family unit and be peaceful in the classroom," said Jennifer Juarez, elementary and adolescent guide. 

"Peace means, it does start with us," said Seth McDaniel, a student. 

The International Day of Peace was declared by the United Nations and was first celebrated in 1982.