In less than one hour, Salem Village residents say Hurricane Michael flooded area by several feet

Resident loses car in flood

SALEM, Va. – In under 1 hour, residents in Salem Village said the area was flooded by several feet of water.

“This road was covered in water. The water came over the vehicle. It came over the hood of my car,” David Camden, a resident at Salem Village, said.

Camden said his car is beyond repair.

“It's actually going to a scrap yard,” Camden said.

But his biggest concern is losing his recreational vehicle.

The water came up to almost the second step. The water just basically ruined my motor home,” Camden said.

One of his neighbors, John Marsinko, also experienced damage to his home, but didn't see it coming.

“I was surprised. I figured we'd get some flooding but not like this,” Marsinko said.

Marsinko said his home only received minor damage.

“All the ground covering is mostly gone,” Marsinko said.

While the degree of the damage varied, everyone seemed focused on sticking together during this time of recovery.

“In a community like this, we come together to help each other out,” Camden said.

While Camden said this is the biggest loss he has ever experienced, he’s just glad the storm is over.