RCACP asking for community's help to clear out kennels

ROANOKE, Va. – The Regional Center for Animal Care and Protection has put out an urgent plea: Help us clear out the kennels, or dogs could be put down.

"We really need our community right now. These are community animals, they came from this community and they deserve a life," said Melinda Rector, director of operations for RCACP. 

For the last few weeks, the shelter has seen a spike in strays and owner releases. As the shelter filled up, adoptions stalled. By law, RCACP has to have room for strays from Roanoke city, Roanoke County, Botetourt County and the town of Vinton. 

"Our responsibility is to the animals that are coming in, because they have to have a place to go. Legally, they have to have a place to go, and we are that place," said Rector. 

After many pleas and social media posts, Rector said the shelter was able to escape euthanizing any animals today, thanks to people adopting, fostering and reclaiming their animals, but the problem remains. Rector said if animals continue to come in, the option will have to be considered. 

"It's really difficult when you're facing having to euthanize healthy dogs that you have names for and that you see every day," said Rector. 

If you're interested in helping RCACP and taking home a furry friend, click here