'Make your mark' Lynchburg creates new brick program

Downtown Lynchburg Association launches new Bluffwalk bricks program

LYNCHBURG, Va. – The Hill City is creating its own walk of fame-- all in an effort to revitalize downtown.

The Downtown Lynchburg Association recently launched their Bluffwalk bricks program.

You can buy a brick, get it personally laser engraved with your name or a loved one's name. 
Organizers will then get a professional to permanently install the bricks into the ground. 
Money used to buy the bricks is also a fundraiser for the nonprofit.

"A 4-by-8 brick is $100 and a 8-by-8 brick is $150. And if I haven't said this before, it's obviously a great holiday-- people who really love Lynchburg and want to be a part of it," Ashley Kershner, executive director of Downtown Lynchburg Association, said.

The first bricks bought now will be installed in the spring.

If you'd like to buy a brick, go to www.DowntownLynchburg.com/bricks or contact Heather Zippel at heather@downtownlynchburg.com, or call (434) 485-7254.