Franklin Road bridge project will be a hassle into the new year

Construction will not finish on time

ROANOKE, Va. – The Franklin Road bridge project will continue to be a headache into the new year. 

The project in Roanoke was supposed to be completed by January 2019, but now workers are estimating that it won't be complete until mid-March. 

The delay is due to significant rain, according to the city. This has been the wettest year on record in Roanoke. 

Rain delayed the pouring of the concrete bridge deck back in September and October. The onset of colder weather and the recent snowfall has prevented the contractor from being able to pour the concrete barrier along the bridge. 

Also, with colder weather, the contractor will have to take more care, time, and precautions constructing the barrier, according to the city. 

In July, the city said the project was 75 percent complete and estimated that it would finish on time. On Monday, crews said the project is 90 percent complete. 

City engineer Luke Pugh said all the road work and sidewalks are complete, with only one major piece remaining: pouring the concrete for the sidewall along the bridge.

"It's not going to be as sensitive to the weather as other pieces of the bridge," Pugh said. 

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