Photo of two boys who stop to pay respects before U.S. flag goes viral

They stood hand over heart and recited The Pledge of Allegiance

Courtesy of Roseboro Fire Department
Courtesy of Roseboro Fire Department

ROSEBORO, N.C. – Two young boys in North Carolina were praised online after they took a moment to show respect for the American flag. 

The cousins were riding around on their scooter and hover board when they stopped to take a moment to show their respects, according to WTHR.

They stood with their hands over their hearts and recited The Pledge of Allegiance as a fire department chaplain raised the flag over a fire station last Friday.

The photo taken of the two has become increasingly popular on Facebook and has been shared more than 3,000 times. The post also has hundreds of comments praising the boys. 

This afternoon as Chaplain Herring was raising the U.S. flag to full staff, he looked over to the intersection and saw...

Posted by Roseboro Fire Department on Friday, February 8, 2019