Pipeline clears hurdle: Board won't consider revoking permit

The State Water Control Board faced dozens of pipeline opponents

RICHMOND, Va. – The controversial Mountain Valley Pipeline cleared a hurdle Friday.

The State Water Control Board decided it will not consider revoking a key permit, after saying in December that it would consider doing so.

Dozens of pipeline opponents were at the public meeting in Richmond. Board members went into closed session, away from public view, for more than 3 1/2 hours, and then returned saying they do not have the authority to revoke the water quality certification.

Some opponents shouted at them, calling them “cowards” and chanting “shame.” Virginia State Police escorted many of them out of the room.

Many pipeline opponents believe the Clean Water Act gives the board the authority to intervene and were hopeful the board would take action Friday.

Kate Addleson, the director of the Virginia Chapter of the Sierra Club -- one of the groups bringing legal action against the pipeline companies -- says the decision is unfortunate.

“The water control board itself clearly is not using its full authority to make sure that Virginians’ water is protected,” she said.

Many opponents told 10 News they’re disappointed.