Charges against Virginia Beach employee who wasn't ready to return to building dropped

Mass shooting happened in his work building


VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – The charges against a Virginia Beach employee who wasn't ready to go back to work in the building have been dropped. 

WAVY reports that Jon McIvor was in Building 2 when 12 people were killed and four others were injured in a mass shooting. 

McIvor was working in Building 17 since the shooting, according to the NBC affiliate. But last Tuesday, he was told he would have to go back to work in Building 2. 

“People lost their lives in there and right now I wasn’t ready to get back in there and work,” McIvor told WAVY. 

Court records show McIvor became angry during the meeting before yelling and storming out. 

WAVY reports officers showed up the next day and arrested McIvor for two counts of disturbing the peace after his supervisors went to a magistrate to take out warrants. He reportedly spent more than 24 hours in jail. 

On Wednesday morning, McIvor's supervisors reportedly went to the court and had the charges dropped. 

“It is the first step to making things right for him,” McIvor’s attorney Taite Westendorf, of Westendorf and Khalaf, told WAVY. “Obviously the charges were ridiculous to begin with and we are glad that we were able to get them quickly dismissed.” 

After his arrest, McIvor was placed on administrative leave. WAVY reports that he still has not been told if he will be reinstated. 



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