Lego is committing itself to reduce its emissions and become more environmentally friendly

The company will invest more than $150 million in climate-friendly packaging

(Leon Neal/Getty Images)

BILLUND, Denmark – Toy company giant Lego is looking for ways to become more environmentally friendly in the production of their famous bricks. 

Lego products are moulded from oil-based plastic, which is a problem for the climate. But now, the company is committing itself to reduce emissions and become greener. 

In 2017, Lego created 1.5 million tons of CO2. 

The company announced it will invest more than $150 million to develop future climate-friendly packaging and bricks made out of plants.

Lego already has one type of brick made from sugar cane. Still, 2% of Lego bricks are made of sugar, while the other 98% are still oil-based granules. 

Company executives say they acknowledge today's consumers care about material and carbon footprints, so they will continue to work toward the goal of using more plant-based materials in their manufacturing process.