One year after Michael, Danville Riverwalk Trail still not fully repaired

A bridge still needs to be replaced, culvert repaired

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DANVILLE, Va. – Parts of the Riverwalk Trail in Danville are still closed one year after being damaged by Tropical Storm Michael.

A large bridge on Danville's Riverwalk Trail has not been replaced.

The bridge washed away during the storm, but was able to be saved.

What will be done with it hasn't been decided, but a bridge should be in place on the trail early next year.

A large washed-out culvert is expected to be repaired sometime next year as well.

So far, the Parks and Recreation Department has spent about $1 million on the trail since the storm.

"To date, we have removed all the debris. We've also fixed all the erosion that has happened," Parks and Recreation Director Bill Sgrinia said. "We are paying a little bit more attention to where we place amenities along the trail, keeping drainage ditches clean so water will flow on the trail and off the trail efficiently."

Sgrinia expects to get reimbursed from the Federal Emergency Management Agency for up to 75 percent of the cost of all the work.