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Florida supermarket owner believes coronavirus pandemic is a hoax

NAPLES, Fla. – Despite coronavirus numbers continuing to climb nationwide, no one at a crowded Florida grocery store was wearing a face mask, WPLG reported.

That’s the choice Alfie Oakes, owner of Oakes Farm - Seed to Table Market, made for his business. He isn’t enforcing customers or employees to wear masks.

“Customers can wear a full bodysuit, and if you’re afraid of bumping your head, wear a football helmet,” Oakes said.

In his Facebook pots, Oakes claimed that the deadly pandemic is a hoax.

Alfie Oakes' claims about the coronavirus pandemic via Facebook (WPLG)

Though his stance on the issue cost him a contract with one Florida county school board, it’s not hurting business otherwise. His supporters continue to shop at his supermarket and keep business booming.

“Please do your research,” Oakes said, as he defies all scientific research. “Please do your critical thinking and research.”

Collier County, where Oakes’ supermarket is, issued a face mask mandate that he challenged in court. However, his lawsuit was dismissed.