Women’s March on Roanoke rallies for reproductive rights

Dozens of people lined up on Franklin Road holding signs

ROANOKE, Va. – While Supreme Court judges weigh in on abortion, Roanoke residents hosted a rally Saturday to encourage reproductive rights for women.

Dozens of people lined up on Franklin Road, holding signs and chanting for women’s health.

Earlier in the afternoon, one person after another stepped up to the podium to reveal their stories of sexual assault and abuse.

To encourage more local political involvement, a booth was set up to help people register to vote.

“I saw a sign that said, ‘Men of quality support equality’ and ultimately, that’s what it’s about,” said Women’s March on Roanoke Organizer Ivonne Wallace-Fuentes. “It’s not just a woman’s issue. It’s about control. It’s about dignity. It’s about justice.”

This was just one of the hundreds of rallies across the nation that happened on Saturday in the 5th Women’s March.

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