Introducing ‘John Carlin’s Outdoors’!

John Carlin's Outdoors (WSLS, WSLS 10 News)

Below is a letter from John Carlin to introduce our newest Insider franchise - John Carlin’s Outdoors! This series is an Insider-first series that will be available to Insiders on Fridays and will be on Virginia Today on Sundays.

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Greetings Insiders!

I want to tell you about the latest reason to be excited about being a WSLS Insider. John Carlin’s Outdoors!

Two times a month, I’ll take you along as we shine a light on the amazing outdoors here in Virginia’s Blue Ridge and beyond. And two times a month, Insiders will be able to see this content first!

I’ll be taking you along as we explore the trails on foot and on a bike. We’ll go fishing. We’ll paddle local waters in a canoe or a kayak, and maybe even see how much fun we can have in boat with a motor!

Occasionally, I’ll talk with experts about the local wildlife, so maybe we know a bit more about the areas where we all love to play. And come winter, we’ll point our skis downhill and see how to have fun in the snow.

Competition is a big part of the way we interact with our woods, rivers, and mountains. At times we compete against one another in a race of some sort. But most of the time we are challenging ourselves to overcome the obstacles in front of us - to achieve some sort of personal ambition.

To attempt something difficult just to see if we can do it.

One thing I can tell you is that these places and activities always lead to a story. The people you meet and their rich accounts of their experiences in the outside world can be fascinating. My job is to find them and share their stories with you.

John Carlin’s Outdoors stories will be on 10 News Now, and on the air Sunday mornings on 10 News Today. But Insiders will always see them first!

Let’s get outdoors!

John Carlin News Anchor WSLS 10

P.S.: As a bonus we are bringing back a 10 News favorite – the annual summer fishing picture competition. Stay tuned as we tell you more about how to send in your best fishing pix from the summer of 2022. We’ll share them on air, on the web and social media – and maybe we’ll even choose the best picture of the whole summer season!

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John Carlin co-anchors the 5, 5:30, 6 and 11 p.m. newscasts on WSLS 10.

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