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Rocky Mount community in shock after man arrested for alleged ISIS support

Neighbors say it’s unexpected, but they’ve seen unusual activity at house he’s visited

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Va. – There’s a feeling of shock in a small local community after a man was arrested for trying to support ISIS.

Romeo Langhorne, 30, is in custody at the Western Virginia Regional Jail in Salem, accused of making a video to teach others how to make a certain type of explosive for “terroristic purposes in support of ISIS,” according to federal investigators.

A federal criminal complaint showed Langhorne spent time in both Roanoke and Franklin County this year, after moving back to the area from St. Augustine, Florida.

Langhorne was arrested in Roanoke on Friday.

The complaint showed that since 2014, undercover FBI agents had been looking into his activity and had conversations with him.

Federal agents said Langhorne was trying to teach others how to build explosives for potential terrorist attacks.

He wrote in an online messenger, “Proper videos are needed, better videos on how and why jihad (Islamic holy war) is needed,” and “My recommendation is the utilization of a school, claim to be a science teacher there and pay for said equipment with an old burner Visa card.”

FBI agents said Langhorne posted his support of ISIS on social media.

10 News found a picture on his profile that reads, “SEEKING TO KILL AND BE KILLED.”

The complaint shows, after living in Florida, Langhorne came back to Roanoke in April. Records show an address linked to him in Rocky Mount, just off Route 220.

Neighbors told 10 News that his family members live there and they saw Langhorne himself there at times during the summer. Neighbors didn’t want to talk to 10 News on-camera, but they said they’ve been worried about activity at the house.

They reported seeing unusual behavior and they all try to stay away from the house.

People who live in the area said they’re happy Langhorne was caught.

“I think it’s scary. It’s un-American, inhuman, and it’s unlawful,” said Doris Davis, who lives in Franklin County.

Julie Reed, ane mother who lives nearby, said she’s scared and unnerved to hear that there could have been terrorist activity in their Franklin County community

“This is just crazy. For this to happen in this little, tiny area, it just blows your mind. I just can’t get over it,” said Reed.

On the 10 News Facebook page, one woman wrote, “This is very sad. He was my former neighbor.”

Another person wrote, “Ashamed he’s from our community! But grateful for the awesome measures taken to keep this man from hurting anyone.”

Langhorne said on his Facebook page that he worked at Cabo Fish Taco. A restaurant manager in Roanoke had no comment for 10 News when we asked if he worked there.

Langhorne had an initial court appearance Friday in Roanoke, but records don’t show any details of the hearing.