Hundreds of Franklin County residents fight for Second Amendment sanctuary

Board of Supervisors to consider resolution giving citizens immunity from changes to gun laws

GF Default - 'Second Amendment Sanctuaries' popping up in our area
GF Default - 'Second Amendment Sanctuaries' popping up in our area

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Va. – Second Amendment sanctuaries are popping up across the country, as localities pass resolutions to say if gun laws change, it won't impact citizens' rights.

The issue is now hitting Southwest Virginia.

It was a packed house for the Franklin County Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday, as hundreds of people were all there for one reason.

"To support the second amendment," Franklin County resident Jackie Webb said.

"Save my rights to guns," Franklin County resident Samuel Toler said.

"Show that this is absolutely 100% important for our children, for the next generation," Franklin County resident Rachelle Hodges said.

The message was so important to Hodges that she wanted her children to be there.

"So that they could see how important it is. So they can see that we aren't the only ones making a stand and so they can do the same when they're older," Hodges said.