Liberty President Jerry Falwell Jr. 'pretty sure’ he’ll call for civil disobedience in response to Virginia Democrats’ gun control measures

“You don’t mess with people’s guns in this part of the state"

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. spoke out against gun control measures supported by Virginia Democrats during an interview on a conservative radio show on Monday.

During an appearance on Todd Starnes’ conservative podcast, ToddCast, Falwell said he’s never seen people more “energized” over any other issue in Virginia than in the current debate over gun rights.

Falwell’s appearance on the show came just days before Gov. Ralph Northam announced a temporary gun ban on Capitol grounds in Richmond ahead of a gun-rights rally scheduled for Monday, Jan. 20.

Starnes went on to say that these rights are “under attack" as Virginia Democrats advance with gun control measures in the General Assembly.

Falwell shared a warning.

“I’m pretty sure I’m gonna call for civil disobedience if the Democrats go through with this," Fallwell said. “And the hundred municipalities and jurisdictions who have passed resolutions to protect the Second Amendment... I think the police officers and the populace would not be opposed to just disobeying, just like sanctuary cities in liberal states refuse to obey federal law when it comes to immigration."

Falwell continued, “I think it’s time for Conservatives. I mean, that’s how the Civil Rights Act got passed, was civil disobedience... I think there comes a time when there’s no other choice.”

When Starnes asked Falwell what civil disobedience would look like, Falwell said, “Well, I mean, the police wouldn’t enforce whatever crazy stuff comes out of Richmond and the populace wouldn’t obey whatever, I don’t even know what they’re proposing, but I know it’s got people upset... You don’t mess with people’s guns in this part of the state. They [Democrats] don’t know what they’ve gotten into, and they’re going to find out the hard way, I’m afraid.”

Falwell also said that “It’s not Virginians” when Starnes mentioned the importance of voting in elections, especially now that Democrats control the Virginia General Assembly.

“It’s northern Virginia, federal employees. The sprawl of Washington D.C.,” Falwell said.

Falwell said he’s told several elected officials that the limits of the District of Columbia need to be expanded to include the entire Washington metropolitan area that has sprawled out into northern Virginia.

“That’s what the founders intended, was for the federal district to be separate from any state because they have a conflict of interest and they never anticipated it would sprawl out as far as it has,” Falwell said.

Starnes also applauded Liberty University’s support and endorsement of the Second Amendment, mentioning “great training facilities” for students who want to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

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