Kobe Bryant’s death has impact on local sports memorabilia store

Bryant, daughter, seven others died in helicopter crash Sunday

SALEM, Va. – In the wake of Kobe Bryant’s death, many fans have been reaching out to local sports stores for his memorabilia.

The owner of Sports Haven in Roanoke and Salem, Robin Bennett, said Monday a customer from Cleveland, Ohio, called him Sunday night wanting any autographed Kobe memorabilia.

Customers also came in early Monday morning to buy Lakers merchandise.

Unlike other stores in similar situations, Bennett said he’s not going to raise his prices.

“We try to offer our customers a good value, and our items are very, very competitively priced and a lot lower than some. But I just don’t think it would be good business for us to try to jack the price up on people. If somebody wants to buy it from us, it’s theirs, they can do whatever they want, but we’ve never done that," Bennett said.

Many fans wore Kobe’s jerseys Monday in his honor.

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