MADD Virginia hopes Del. Hurst joins their fight after weekend traffic stop

Hurst was pulled over under the suspicion of DUI

CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. – Mothers Against Drunk Driving hopes that the incident involving Delegate Chris Hurst shines more light on the issue of DUI in the Commonwealth.

This after Hurst was pulled over by a Christiansburg police officer and released after blowing a BAC of 0.085%, over the legal limit.

MADD Virginia Director Chris Konschak said he understands that officers have discretion while on patrol, but he doesn’t want anyone driving under the influence.

[Del. Chris Hurst could not have been arrested during traffic stop after blowing .085, says CA]

He also said he hopes someone’s political position would not impact a possible arrest.

Following the incident, MADD is asking Hurst to join them in their fight.

“We also hope that the delegate will take some responsibility for his act in impaired driving and one not do it again and two help us with our mission to stop impaired driving,” Konschak said.

[WATCH: Police dashcam footage shows Del. Chris Hurst traffic stop]

The Christiansburg police officer who pulled Hurst over has received a number of awards from MADD Virginia. But Konschak said MADD did not select the officer for those awards, rather the officer’s local leadership selected him for the awards on behalf of the organization.

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